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Best Surface Roughness Comparators

Best Choice No. 2
GAR S-22 22 Speciman Surface Roughness Comparator (AS9000 Compliant)
  • Our Part # GAR-S22
  • There are twenty two replicated machined surface finish specimens with examples of six different machining processes: lapped, ground, blanchard ground, shape-turned, milled and profiled - ranging from 2 to 500 microinches
  • Supplied in a leatherette case with engineering data and instructions
  • Made in USA
Best Choice No. 3
Getitsupplies Surface Roughness Comparator Gage
  • Surface Finish Scale 22 Specimens of machined surfaces from 2 to 500 Micro-inches
  • lapped, ground, blanched, turned, milled and profiled surfaces.
  • Helps avoid costly under or over-finishing.
  • Pocket-size gage has 22 precision surfaces.
  • Complete with Case and Instruction.
Best Choice No. 4
Roughness Comparator (30 pcs/Set),Optional Surface Roughness Meter
  • This set contains standards of the six most important machining methods in the prevalent "AA" values.
  • These surface roughness is used to compare and determine the degree of the surface finish by comparision method and eye estimation or magnifying glass.
  • The surface rough contast blocks is made of 45 super carbor steel except the GCr15 which is using to plat lapping the sample block.
  • All 30 speciments are calibrated in u''AA (Arithmetical Average) and in the metric equivalents um Ra,Suitable for KR100, KR110, KR210, KR220, KR310 surface roughness measuring instrument.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.
Best Choice No. 5
HHIP 4101-0030 Surface Roughness Standards Composite Set
  • 30 specimens 7/8" x 3/8" of electroformed solid Nickel
  • Each Type of surface finish is truly and Consistently reproduced with a realistic idea of the feel, appearance and texture of the machined components
  • For quick and easy comparisons
  • Conforms to s.A.E and military specifications
  • Supplied with Wallet, instructions and Certificate
Best Choice No. 6
Surface Roughness Comparators Standards Composite Set 7 Machining 27 specimens
  • Grinding made of GCr15;
  • The rest 6 machinig made of 45 high-quality carbon structural steel;
  • Including Lathe, Planer Milling, Flat milling, Flat grinding, External grinding, Grinding;
  • 7 machining with 27 specimens;
  • Through vision to measure surface roughness in comparative method.
Best Choice No. 7
Best Choice No. 9
Surface Roughness Comparators Standards Composite Set 6 Machining 30 specimens
  • Made of solid Nickel, advanced technology, high hardness, stable quality;
  • Wear-resistant, not rust, suitable for production scene;
  • Small error, large range to 12.5um;
  • Conforms to s.A.E and military specifications;
  • Through vision & tactile to measure surface roughness in comparative method.

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