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Best Radio Frequency Attenuators

Best Choice No. 1
Ccylez DC-4.0GHz Radio Frequency Attenuator, 50Ω System Impedance, SMA Double Female Head Fixed Attenuator for Electronic Equipment
  • Widely used in electronic equipment to adjust the size of signals in the circuit.
  • In the comparison method measurement circuit, it can be used to directly read the attenuation value of the network under test.
  • Improve impedance matching. If some circuits require a relatively stable load impedance, an attenuator can be inserted between this circuit and the actual load impedance to buffer the impedance change.
  • Carbon film has good uniformity and consistency, stable resistance and high reliability.
  • Excellent electrical performance, minimal change due to temperature.
Best Choice No. 2
myTuner Radio App - FM Radio Stations to Listen to for Free on Amazon and Android (Radio Apps Free)
  • Know which song is playing or has just played on the radio player;
  • Listen to live radio through the smartphone's loudspeakers or via Bluetooth or Chromecast;
  • Listen offline to your favorite podcasts;
  • Add your own customized radio stations;
  • Continue to listen while you play or use other apps;
SaleBest Choice No. 3
1pc PE4302 Numerical Control Attenuator Parallel Immediate Mode 1MHz~4GHz, Program Control Gain Attenuation Range is from 0 to 31.5DB
  • This is a PE4302 numerical control RF attenuator module
  • The parallel immediate mode is simple and easy to use
  • Bandwidth is wide and can be 1MHz to 4GHz
  • Program control gain attenuation range is from 0 to 31.5DB
  • The module supports parallel port and serial port mode as well as power on state selection function
Best Choice No. 4
Radio Frequency Detector
  • Radio Frequency Detector
  • -Frequency Receiver
  • -Picks up frequency Waves.
  • -Displays message when frequency wave is received sixty seconds.
  • English (Publication Language)
Best Choice No. 5
  • Free to use.
  • Anonymous. We do not track your location or your identity
  • Easily search for police radio scanner feeds by state, city or type.
  • Create a list of your favorite police radio feeds for easy access.
  • English (Publication Language)
SaleBest Choice No. 6
B&K Precision 1823A Universal Frequency Counter with Ratio Function, 2.4 GHz
  • ± 1 PPM Time base stability
  • External frequency standard input
  • Bright LED display
  • Attenuator
  • Low pass filter
Best Choice No. 7
stardrift 10-Pack 7mm Inner Diameter Ferrite Core Cord Ring RFI EMI Noise Filter Cable Clip Black
  • Reduce electro-magnetic interference and improve signal integrity
  • Fits for cord with 7mm inner diameter
  • Easily mount:just snap on
  • Outer dimension: 3.5*1.9*1.9cm
  • Package Content : 10 x Ferrite Cable Clips
Best Choice No. 8
RISEPRO Digital Frequency Counter Bench Frequency Signal Meter with AC Power Cable BNC Test Leads 10Hz - 2.4 GHz VC3165
  • With 3 steps function selection: work state, unit & 8-digit LED display
  • Frequency measurement from 0.01 Hz to 2.4 GHz
  • Cyclic measuring range from 0.5 ms to 10 s
  • With attenuation of 20 dB and input impedance of 1 MO
  • With frequency, period and equal-precision measurement
Best Choice No. 10
BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two Way Radio (Black)
  • 128 Channels 50 ctcss and 104 CDCSS dual-band display, Dual Freq. Display, dual-standby, a/B band independent operation | High/low TX power selectable: busy Channel lock-out(bclo).
  • Tri-color background light selectable: 0-9 grades vox selectable | FM radio (65.0Mhz-108.0MHz) | large LCD display.
  • Keypad Lock: channel step: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25Khz | voice Companding: 50 ctcss/ 104DCS coder & tone searching.
  • Emergency alert: 25Khz/12.5Khz switchable | LED flashlight: hight/low RF power switchable.

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