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Best Lab ESD Supplies

Best Choice No. 1
Static Care ESD High Temp Mat 16"x24"x.060", Metal ESD Wrist Strap Set, ESD Grounding Cord, Universal Snap Kit, Static Dissipative Wiper, Banana Jack Outlet Plug Adapter - Blue
  • COMPLETE ESD KIT: This anti-static, multi-purpose kit is composed of a 16"x24"x0.060" mat, one metal wrist band with a 4mm snap and 6' coil cord w/ alligator clip, one 15' ground black PVC cord made with 7 strand tinsel wire to #10 ring terminal and dual standard banana jacks, static dissipative wiper, banana jack outlet ground adapter and a universal snap kit with multiple size screws to put into your mat
  • CREATE A SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENT: Provide a path-to-ground for electrical charges as well as protecting your work surface from damage. The 16"x24"x0.060" mat has a conductive layer backing a static dissipative top layer that creates outstanding electric performance characteristics.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The snap kit is installed into the mat with Philips head screw driver. The ground cord connects to that snap and the opposite end is connected to the center screw of an outlet
  • MEETS ESD STANDARDS: A buried 1 meg resistor is included for safety. ESD Standards require 1 ground point per mat or every 10ft of ESD matting. Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 and ANSI/ESD S-6.1.
  • APPLICATIONS: Grounding/Earthing, controling electrostatic discharge, protecting electronic components, parts and computers inside the lab or manufacturing environment with proper use of ESD mat
Best Choice No. 2
StaticTek Full Sleeve Snap Cuff ESD Jacket | Anti-Static Lab Coat | Certified Level 3 Static Shielding | Light Weight | ESD Smocks with High ESD Protection | 3XL | Light Blue | TT_JKC9027SPLB
  • MEDIUM-WEIGHT ESD JACKETS: Perfect for all working environments. Winter to summer and production shop to office. One jacket year round and in various places in your facility.
  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE & DURABLE ESD PRODUCT: Still groundable and with consistent dissipative electrical readings even after 100 washing cycles; comes with 3 pockets.
  • LEVEL 3 ESD JACKET: Complies with the highest ESD S20.20 standards. Garment may be worn in any of the 3 ESD program category level areas to minimize the risk of electro static discharge.
  • TOP OF THE LINE QUALITY: Reliable Panel-to-Panel Continuity. A high level of repeatability gives peace of mind to the overall quality of your ESD program.
  • GROUNDABLE ESD CLOTHING: With a low surface resistance of less than 10 to the 6 Ohms (<10^6Ω) this conductive jacket will provide the highest level of electro static protection.
Best Choice No. 3
Bertech ESD Soldering Mat Roll, Blue
  • STRONG WORKSTATION PAD: Designed for electronic assembly, this grounding mat offers excellent resistance to oil, grease, most common solvents, hot solders, and soldering irons; comes with a wrist strap, alligator clip, and ground cord
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of a two-layered rubber with ESD properties; the top one is a blue static dissipative rubber layer laminated to a black conductive rubber bottom layer
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: For use in aerospace assembly, electronic manufacturing, electronic repairs, fiber optics, hospitals, medical assembly, and soldering in high-temperature setting
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Mat is 0.06 inches thick, 24 inches wide, and 48 inches long with a resistance to ground and point-to-point of 1 x 10e3–10e5
  • SAFETY COMES FIRST: Bertech is a leading source of Electrostatic Discharge Products (ESD), Kapton Tapes, and Finger Cots; we also produce customized kits to meet our customers' specific requirements
Best Choice No. 4
Bertech-2059T ESD High Temperature Mat Roll, 2 Feet Wide x 50 Feet Long x 0.08 Inches Thick, Blue, RoHS and REACH Compliant
  • SURFACE RESISTIVITY: Resistance-to-Ground: 8 x 10e6-8 ohms & Point-to-Point Resistance: 2 x 10e6-8 ohms
  • MATERIAL: Made from ESD Safe Two Layer Rubber material: Blue Rubber Top, Black Bottom Rubber Layer
  • THICKNESS: 0.080 inches +/- 10%; 5/64 inches
  • ESD SAFE: Designed for Electronic Assembly and Manufacturing where static charge is a concern
  • APPLICATIONS: Aviation, Electronic Assembly, and Soldering in High Temperature Setting
Best Choice No. 5
Yohii ESD Wrist Strap Ground Cord Bench Mounted with 1.8M Length Cord - 3pcs
  • Package Content: 3pcs x ESD Grounding Cord + Screws
  • Please kindly see the second picture or below product description for more detail size.
  • Easy to install: Ring terminal at end of ground cord allows easy attachment to electrical ground.
  • Specially designed for use at workstations and table mats. Provides a common grounding point for one or two wrist straps, as well as table mats and runners.
  • Note: It is designed to mount under the front edge of a work station. The wrist strap ground allows up to two operators to ground their wrist straps using standard banana jacks.
Best Choice No. 6
Case of 10-16oz. I.C. Hand Lotion, Greaseless, with no contaminates Such as Silicone, Lanolin, Glycerin or Mineral Oil. Absorbs Immediately into The Skin. Glove & CHG Compatible, ESD Safe, NSF E4
  • Lotion goes on smooth, creamy, light, and highly moisturizing.
  • Helps contain inflammation of the skin that causes dermatitis (eczema)
  • Compatible with latex and nitrile gloves to reduce the risk of glove degradation (ripping)
  • Static Dissipative, ESD Safe, and CHG Compatible
  • Fragranced with Steeps tea along with grapefruit and lemon splashes.
Best Choice No. 7
Supershield Antistatic Shielding ESD Bag, Premium Static Shield Bag, Anti Static, Reusable, IC3650-628-2S-7X10IN, Top Open, 10^11, 3 mil, 7" x 10" (Pack of 100)
  • Open Top Metal-In Static Dissipative Bag
  • Heat sealable for safe shipping and storage
  • Transparent easy content identification
  • 3 Mils offering excellent protection against punctures and tears
  • Metal-IN ESD Safe Bags are composed of Static Dissipative Polyester, Aluminum, and Static Dissipative Polyethylene
Best Choice No. 8
Long Sleeve ESD Safe Anti-Static Stand Collar Lab Coat with Zipper Non-Stretch Unisex Uniform Comfort Fit (L, Navy)
  • Professional anti-static uniform for clean room workshop, lab, etc.
  • Design with hanging loop on the left chest for wearing the ID card or badge as well as 2 lower pockets and 1 arm pocket for carrying little things.
  • Variety Color: Blue / Gray / Navy / Pink / White
  • Size Range: S - 4XL
  • Package Include: 1 Piece Coat ONLY
Best Choice No. 9
Sunday 7 ESD Anti-static Stand Collar Zipper Lab Coat Science Jacket Men/Women Long-sleeve Non-disposable Workwear Uniform (L, White)
  • ☆【2-color Optional】2 colors are available, suitable for different staff, anti-static and non-disposable. Support to order custom stamping logo.
  • ☆【 Material】made of polyester + conductive silk fiber. The surface resistance is 106Ω—109Ω. Our lab coat can be washed multiple times without losing ESD function.
  • ☆【Dustproof】92% -95% dustproof.
  • ☆【Comfortable To Wear】The design of the pen pocket and the embedded clip is durable and wear-resistant. Provide effective solutions for all ESD fields.
  • ☆【Scope Of Application】Electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, paint spraying, biotechnology, new energy, liquid crystal products, precision machines, aerospace, electronics industry, etc.
Best Choice No. 10
ESD High Temperature Mat Kit | 16" x 24" | Emerald Green | with (1) ESD Wrist Strap, (1) ESD Grounding Cord, (1) Bottle of Mat Cleaner
  • Complete esd anti-static kit: Comes with: (1) 16” x 24” ESD mat with two built-in grounding snaps, (1) 6 FT wrist strap band with metal underside and removable alligator clip, (1) 15 FT attachable grounding cord with removable alligator clip, (1) ESD mat cleaner.
  • Discharges electrostatic to protect your electronics The ESD mat is .080” (2mm) thick, dual sided, and made of a static dissipative, industrial grade elastomer. The surface has been specially embossed to reduce light glare and prevent parts from slipping.
  • Double layered & made in the USA: A workstation pad that withstands high temperatures, soldering iron deformation, solvents, flux, and other harsh chemicals. DOES NOT CURL.
  • Environmentally safe & ROHS compliant : Material is free from lead, arsenic, barium, vinyl monomer, chromium, and other dangerous volatiles. NO RUBBER OR CHEMICAL SMELL.
  • Outstanding charge dissipation or your money back: Meets ANSI/ ESD S20.20 & European IEC 613450-5-1 standards for charge reduction which means low tribogeneration, and ultra-rapid (.05 second) charge decay.

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