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Best Intraoral X-Ray Equipment

Best Choice No. 1
3PCS/Set Plastic Digital Dental X Ray Film Sensor Positioner Holder, X Ray Film Sensor Holder
  • Dental x ray sensor holder applied for digital sensor,Only for hold the digital sensors,can't clip the X-ray film
  • It is used during the taking picture of illness teeth, it help dentists to find the exact position to take pictures to make the illness teeth complete show in the pictures
  • Only for hold the digital sensors,it wasn't design to hold the X ray film
  • Digital x ray sensor holder reduces patient's oral discomfort and allows for better accuracy and ease of x-ray taking procedure
  • (Green) For right maxillary upper premolar/molar and left mandibular (Blue) For left maxillary premolar and right mandibular premolar/molar (Yellow) For maxillary/ mandibular incisor -Anterior teeth
Best Choice No. 2
Dental Plastic 3 Pcs/Set Digital IntraOral X Ray Film Sensor Positioner Holder Dentist Instrument
  • X ray positioner holder is used during the taking picture of illness teeth, the fixing function is strong, and the X-ray film will not be shaken after being placed in the fixing clip
  • The clamp size can be adjusted for different imaging plates, can meet the use of different types of X-ray film
  • Applied for traditional or smaller dental films and wireless imaging plates (digital sensor), complete components to meet the full-mouth dental X-ray
  • The precision of parallel projection is high, and the positioning tube of the tube is in parallel with the fixed position of the X-ray film
  • High quality materials, non-toxic plastic safe and reliable, excellent workmanship and durability
Best Choice No. 4
300PCS Dental Barrier Envelopes, Disposable X-ray Film Protective Bag for Phosphor Plate Dental Digital X-Ray Size 0#
  • High quality: Made of high quality plastic material, lightweight, easy to carry and practical. Easy to torn material,comfortable mouth.
  • One time use: With a disposable dental bag, it is safe to avoid infection of the patient's mouth. Prevent bacterial infection. Protect the phosphorus board, do not bend. Reduce cross-infection.
  • Applications are wide: universal design is suitable for almost all X-ray film machines. It is also possible to protect crisp, crisp treasure, IP board.Keep the phosphor storage plate clean.
  • It is profitable: Our products are suitable for customer's needs and are available in 3 different sizes. At the same time, each set of 100 can be used for a long time.
  • For use imaging plate (digital sensor),it is used to protect the IP and avoid cross inflection among the doctors and patients.
Best Choice No. 5
Pevor Dental X-Ray Film Illuminator Light Box X-Ray Viewer Light Panel
  • ✿Convenient for dentists to view the X-ray film when they are operating the dental treatment.
  • ✿Even illumination; Low power.
  • ✿Light adjustable; Elegant frame.
  • ✿Specification: A4 one side.
  • ✿Screen size: 203*298mm.
SaleBest Choice No. 6
Best Choice No. 7
Dental X-Ray Sensor Sleeves 140XS Extra Small 1.5×8″ 500/box Clear
  • protect X-ray sensor
  • disposable single use
  • ease to apply, easy to remove

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