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Best Communication Integrated Circuits

Best Choice No. 1
Bridgold 85 pcs 10 Types Integrated Circuit chip Assortment Kit,opamp,Single Precision Timer,pwm,Including:LM324 LM358 LM386 LM393 UA741 NE5532 NE555 PC817 ULN2003 ULN2803.
  • IC Assortment contains: LM324, LM358, LM386, LM393, UA741, NE5532,NE555,PC817,ULN2003,ULN2803
  • Including 10 pcs DIP4 socket, 60 pcs DIP8 socket, 5 pcs DIP14 socket, 5 pcs DIP16 socket,5 pcs DIP18 socket
  • We have chosen a variety of useful IC types for daily assembly, such as: precision timers, dual operational amplifiers, audio amplifiers, Darlington arrays, quad operational amplifiers, etc.
  • Anti-static plastic box, store commonly used IC kits according to label instructions
  • ULN2003,ULN2803:ULN2003, ULN2803: 10 pcs Darlington array
Best Choice No. 2
uxcell 10Pcs L7806 7806 Voltage Regulator 6V 1.5A Ham Kit ST/Integrated Circuit
  • Input Voltage: /; Output Voltage: 6V
  • Country of Manufacture: CHINA; Material: Plastic,Metal
  • Net Weight: 20g; Package Content: 10pcs x Voltage Regulator
  • Model: L7806; Main Color: Black, Silver Tone
  • Size: 29 x 10 x 4mm/1.14" x 0.4" x 0.16"(L*W*T)
Best Choice No. 3
Bridgold 20pcs TL494CN TL494 Counter IC,PWM Controller Integrated Circuit,300 kHz 16-Pin
  • Built-in linear sawtooth oscillator with only two external oscillating components (resistance and capacitance)
  • Built-in 5V reference voltage source
  • Built-in power transistor provides 500mA drive capability
  • Built-in error amplifier
  • Integrated all pulse width modulation circuits
Best Choice No. 4
NTE Electronics NTE944M Integrated Circuit Programmable Operational Amplifier, 8-Lead Mini DIP Package, 18V Supply Voltage
  • ±1V to ±18V power supply operation
  • 3nA input offset current
  • Standby power consumption as low as 500nW
  • No frequency compensation required
  • Programmable electrical characteristics
Best Choice No. 5
CD4077BE - Integrated Circuit (Lot of 1) (ICB68)
  • CD4077BE
  • CD4077BE - Integrated Circuit (Lot of 1) (ICB68)
Best Choice No. 6
5 pcs of TL072 LOW NOISE J-FET DUAL OP-AMP IC / Integrated Circuit
  • Feature: Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp) IC
  • Operating Temperature Range:0?C to +70?C , Bandwidth Max:3MHz
  • Bias Current: 200pA , Common Mode Ratio (CMR):75
  • No. of Amplifiers:2 , No. of Pins:8 , Slew Rate:13V/?s
  • Package / Case: PDIP-8 , RoHS: Yes
Best Choice No. 7
DBParts for New 10Pcs SN74LS76N 74LS76 DIP-16 Integrated Circuit IC
  • Brand New
  • Package Include: 10Pcs
  • DIP 16 IC
  • High Quality & Six Months Warranty
Best Choice No. 8
5 pcs of CD4017 4017 IC & 5 pcs of 16 Pin DIP IC Sockets / Integrated Circuit
  • For CD4017 >> Package / Case: PDIP-16 , RoHS: Yes , No. of Pins:16 , Number of Circuits:1
  • Regarding to : CD4017 >> Logic - Counter / Divider IC , Logic Type:Counter , Logic Family: 4000 , Logic Base Number:4017
  • Regarding to : CD4017 >>Operating Temperature Range:-55?C to +125?C , Leaded Process Compatible:Yes
  • Regarding to : 16 Pin DIP IC Socket >> Number of Pins : 16 Pin , Length : 2.9mm , Pitch : 2.54mm
  • Regarding to : 16 Pin DIP IC Socket >> Row to Row Distance 7.62mm , Contact Termination : Through Hole , Contact Type Dual Wipe Contact
Best Choice No. 9
BOJACK IC L7805CV Voltage Regulator Output 5 V 1.5 A Integrated Circuits L7805 Linear Positive Voltage Regulators TO-220(Pack of 25 pcs)
  • BOJACK IC L7805CV Positive Voltage Regulators
  • Output Voltage : 4.75-5.25V
  • Quiescent current : 4.2-8mA
  • Maximum Input Voltage : 35V
  • Maximum Output Current : 1.5A
Best Choice No. 10
NTE Electronics NTE7486 Integrated Circuit TTL-Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate, 5.5V
  • Total Power Dissipation 150mW
  • High−Level Output Current
  • Storage Temperature Range -65 to 150°C

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